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Ain't ain't a word and I ain't gonna say it. People told me this in kindergarden. Well, it is in the dictionary, and I'm known as the 'walking dictionary' even by college students, and I use the word ain't in everyday conversation. a person's intellect can only be judged by word usage, And I've started this rant because it truly gets under my skin to know that someone would say, 'Irregardless of what u think this is not a word.' or 'Irregardless of your opinion, the facts show that you are so wrong, Dude.' Um, if it is not a word, why did you use it to discredit it?

Sence this is supposed to be a deffinition, here goes.
Irregardless litterally means not to take into account; consider without.

Irregardless is used as regardless, but is cactually meaning to regard. So if you say 'irregardless of the fact, he is a jerk.' you're meaning 'regarding the fact, he is a jerk.' Which actually sounds better, in my opinion with the 'ir' and 'less' though, it is a mouthful.
'Irregardless the house is messy.'
'Regarding the house is messy.'
So please use 'Disregard the house, it is messy.'
by Irrylath Scotts June 04, 2010
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