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A 'revolutionary' band formed in 1960 that found great commercial and critical success. (Present day) it is considered a federal offense to claim that you do not consider them the best and last great thing to happen to the entirety of music. Regarding them as "meh", "okay" or "overrated" may result in, but is not limited to; severe berating/beating, vandalization of property, and/or having all you enjoy referred to as 'overrated'- regardless of its relevance to music; all punishments which may be delivered by hipsters, your parents/grandparents, the general public, etc...
John: The Beatles were okay, I just think they were a little overrated, y'know?

Hipster: (yelling) Hey everybody, this guy doesn't like The Beatles! I know, what the hell right!?

(Crowd starts to chant 'blasphemy!')

John's mother and father: Where did we go wrong!?

(John curls to a ball on the floor as he is showered with boot heels, fists and saliva)
by Ironicarm February 08, 2011

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