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Nu metal: About as good as a dead old womans vagina.
by Iron Eddie September 17, 2005
Shithole. closest part of taunton to bridgewater, therfore full of chavs and "pplez hus in da no bud innit". Everyone there hates "goffs" and "greebs" and you are quite regularly told to "get a haircut innit". Average intellegence for this Lame ass estate is around 4, thats less than America.Only a handful of cool people live there, and they are regularly abused because they have "black 'air innit". Don't go there unless you take a weapon.
Don't walk through at night unless you want a "kicking bud"
by Iron eddie April 30, 2005
Annoying blonde girl called Hannah...
Hannah:"Got any good bands i havent heard of?"
Me:Fuck off wannabe.
by Iron eddie April 29, 2005
Liquid that flows in the veins, arteries and capillaries of a living creature. Contains plasma (the liquid which carries the red and white blood cells), red blood cells (these carry oxygen and other important resources to most* parts of the body) and white blood cells (these protect the body from viruses and bacteria). Blood is pumped around the body by the heart. The lungs put oxygen into the bloodstream, and the digestive system puts important nutrients etc. into the bloodstream. The liver filters blood, which is why many alchohol related problems include blood poisoning, liver disease etc.

also a gang who cant get up and realise that their definitions need spellcheck.
*i say most, because blood does not flow in already dead parts of your body, such as the hair and nails
by Iron eddie July 20, 2005
The number of the beast!
Hell and fire, was sworn to be released!
by Iron eddie July 02, 2005
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