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2 definitions by Inuit Dust Commando!

A rare event in which a woman deficates while performing fellatio. Also see blumpkin, brother blumpkin, reverse brother blumpkin
The reason Jason and Darcy are still dating is because he is cool with wipping her ass, but only after she gives him a reverse blumpkin.

The odds of successfully navigating an asteroid field are about the same as receiving a reverse blumpkin!
by Inuit Dust Commando! October 28, 2004
A theoretical fold of mucous membrane occluding the rectum. This structure is only present in anal virgins, and is broken upon anal penetration.

Anal counterpart to the hymen.
Hell yeah he's a player - he broke my butt hymen after our second date.

This man's butt hymen is ruptured! Call a doctor!
by Inuit Dust Commando! October 29, 2004