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A worthless criminal who had the ability to turn on a drum machine and spew mindless lyrics written by white men. He is immortalized by blacks, who seem to worship violence and an unattainable (for them) lifestyle. Blacks making 15,000$ a year, for some reason think they identify on a "soul" level with Tupac, who made tens of millions (by promoting the destruction of his own race).

He was a teacher of materialism, sang about loving women, but in real life, he abused them (see extensive criminal record). Whites don't understand why negroes insist on living in the weird alternate universe they create for themselves, instead of getting jobs and living like most people do. Tupac is the shining example of the murdering, raping black man, idolized by so many and corrupted by so many more.
Yo G, Afta I gits off my shift at Mickey-d's, I's gone-ta puts on ma Bling-bling and listen to Tupac. He da man.

Yo G, I saw Tupac last night. I say, "Yo you my homey!" He say "shut up, mark-ass bitch", and ganked ma gold chains!
by Intestinal Burn October 10, 2005

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