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The first African American sorority founded in 1908 by twenty women. Unfortunately, because the sorority was founded on social principles and shunned helping to make the world a better place, members of the undergraduate chapter decided to create a real sorority founded on principles of sisterhood and service, and Delta Sigma Theta was born. Typical stereotype is that of a "pretty" girl, completely absorbed with fashion and public perception. Also unfortunately, many of the women who typically pledge Alpha Kappa Alpha are women with low self-esteem, who want to be viewed as a beautiful woman with much to offer. They are hardly ever seen in the community. Their "pretty" image could have been a positive one for black women, but has served to alienate many.
AKA 1: Girl, look at her. She is so ugly. She can never be pretty like US.

AKA 2: (flips hair) I know girl! Alpha Kappa Alpha is so great! It's so unfortunate that everybody can't be pretty like us! I don't care about community service, I just want to be pretty and fashionable!

75 years later...

Observer: God she's an AKA? She is so old and ugly. What does she have now? I wonder what she has to show for her sorority. Beauty definetely fades.
by Intelligence Is Key February 11, 2008

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