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It is one of the most distorted music genres in the world of music. Most people on here say "I think its bad cuz its bad plus its bad cuz its bad." mainly because they listen to the douchebag posers that are played on the radio and get payed 120398123098 dollars for making a shitty song. In reality, most rap is shit because of posers, but, the old rap is good. 2pac is a good example of an actually good rapper. He is good because he actually knows how to conjugate. His songs have actual meaning. One of his songs is about how he is seeing many american soldiers die in a pointless war. Anyways, most rap is good but you cannot generalize it. I'd say 85% is shit posers or just terrible rappers and the rest is good rap. I like rock and rap though so don't think I'm one of those retards who feeds the fire.
by Intellectual Person June 16, 2010

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