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1) More or less the exact opposite of trolling, humaning involves not being a complete and total asshat in every way imaginable, by doing things like not swearing all the time, being genuinely helpful, or being polite despite having no reason to be.

2) Trolling, but doing it very, very poorly. There is no way that anyone, ever, will be upset in any way by an attempt at humaning. At the very worst, they may find it slightly uncomfortable.
1) John: Did you see that rich kid going to the homeless shelter last night?
Dave: Yeah, turns out he was doing a ridiculous amount of humaning.

2) "That idiot spent about an hour trying to troll me, but he was really just humaning. I almost cried from laughing so hard."
#trolling #troll #homestuck #coolkid #fuck it
by Insufferable Prick January 22, 2012
An interjection used when in a situation of extreme pleasure or excitement.
I hope u sound the horn when u get dat blowie tonight. Hollaballa!
#oh yeah #get some #holla #bolla #hollabolla
by insufferable prick February 18, 2012
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