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When something truly disasterous happens.
Boy: Wanna get freaky?
Girl: For sure, have you got protection
Boy:No, But its all good
Girl:I dont think so...
Boy: Ratsbum!

"That chicks got a really nice body but a ratsbum face".

Getting final Killcam'd on COD... Ratsbum

Finding out your wife is cheating on you is very Ratsbum.

"I see you stood in dog shit...Ratsbum"

Stepping in a big puddle is Ratsbum.

"Entries may be edited and become the property of Urban Dictionary"....Ratsbum!(small print at the bottom of page!)

Opposite of Un-Ratsbum (see Un-Ratsbum)
by Instantanious Man May 24, 2011
When something truly amazing happens.

Highest form of praise.
Girl: I dont have sex on the first date..
Boy: Oh Ratsbum!
Girl: But ill give you head
Boy: Un-Ratsbum!

When charlie found the golden ticket, it was a miracle.When he was given the chocolate factory, it was Un-Ratsbum

The feeling of Euphoria can also be defined as Un-Ratsbum

Scarlet Johanson is Very Un-Ratsbum

"That new bar in town is Un-Ratsbum"

"That girl is so Un-Ratsbum!"

Person 1: There's nothing to do tonight.
Person 2: Hmmm...
Person 3:"I know!...(pulls out a bag of weed)
Everyone: "Un-Ratsbum!"

The philosophy of Ratsbum/Un-Ratsbum:

One mans Ratsbum is another mans Un-Ratsbum.

Stealing someones girl in town. Ratsbum for him, Un-Ratsbum for you.

Seeing someone walk into a pole. Ratsbum for them, Un-Ratsbum for you!

Oppostite of Ratsbum
by Instantanious Man May 25, 2011

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