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2 definitions by Instant Noodles

A extreamly useful and powerful word that is used in the English language. The ultimate positive answer and always will be.
Man 1: Are you playing sports again?
Man 2: Always
by Instant Noodles May 19, 2007
Pure Ownage is two words that form into one, Pwnage.
The P from Pure is taken and it replace the O from Ownage as it creates a better word than Ownage, Pwnage.
The short saying of Pwnage is Pwn, same as Ownage and Own
PC player 1: I am ownage!
PC player 2: well i am pwnage
PC player 1: pwnage?
PC player 2: yeah a word that own you more
by Instant Noodles May 19, 2007