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A room (or vehicle) that is in complete disarray after a steamy hook-up.
Inspector Purple: I am exhausted after that totally steamy hook-up. Damn look at this place. There is clothes all over and look at all the overturned furniture. It looks like a sex bomb exploded in this place.
Gidget: I know, it will take forever to clean the place up.
Inspector Purple: It sure will! I am too damn exhausted to clean up this sex bomb!
by Inspector Purple September 24, 2009
A person who acts with life saving measures to save someone from Auto Erotic Death. The guy who cuts the other guy down just before he dies.
Inspector Purple: Did you hear about the prominent local business man Jack Mehoff?
Fuzzie: No what happened?
Inspector Purple: He was found dead hanging from a tree at the city park. His pants around his ankles and his dick in his hand. Bottles of lube and tons of porn were strewn about. It is believed to be an auto ertoic asphyxiation death. He could have been saved if only he would have had a spotter.
Fuzzie: Spotter? What is a spotter?
Insepctor Purple: You know, kind of like "swim with a buddy". Have somebody there to cut you down before you die. It has to be a good spotter though so you can be sure you achieve your intended goal.
by Inspector Purple September 25, 2009

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