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Spirituality, like religion, is an attempt to appease the masses by over-simplifying the human condition.

In many cases they suggest that subscribing to some abstract way of thinking is a solution to subjective needs for redemption, moral fulfillment, or satisfaction with one's self or life.

Some more advanced spiritualities try to trick the slightly less ignorant masses into thinking that they are well founded by using false science, false claims, assigning meaningless tasks to give the illusion of affirmative action, and by appealing to the large number of followers they've amassed.
You can't change the world, you can only change yourself.

Thinking positive thoughts will magically transform your world into a better place.

Your life is only worth anything if you live for God.

Your life is only worth anything if you live for yourself.

Join our team and you can safely ride the coattails of our spirituality to victory, redemption, moral fulfillment, and satisfaction with yourself and your life.

Take our word for it. So many people already have.

Our people did the research so you don't have to.
by Insight6 February 19, 2011

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