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To Fall HARD
"When running on Woodward, Verbeek biffed pretty bad."
by Insane V April 14, 2004
Refered to Joe Pesci in the movie Goodfellas as a jewish woman.
"Hey henry come with me so i can meet this jew broad for dinner."
by Insane V January 15, 2005
when you just dont know what is goin on and lay back to see whats gonna happen... You just go with the flow
Doug: Man i dont know what i am doin today...I am just gonna go with the flow!!!!!
by Insane V December 12, 2004
To go out as look for some bitches.
Mike and Doug went chasing for skirt on Friday.
by Insane V April 23, 2004
this is when and individual has a hook dick and has the wonderfull ability to fuck a bitch around the corner of a wall in his house due to the massive hook in his cock.
"Wanting to try something new, smiley asks banana pants if he wants to try a ne position. She calls it bangin around the corner!!!"
by Insane V January 15, 2005
If you seen the chappelle show it is something like the sex contract, but without an actuall paper document. It's when a girl doesn't want her boyfriend to have sex on spring break so she makes an agreement with him, coming to conclusion they can only have oral sex with other people.
Thow Thow: "did you say something about an oral agreement."
Lawdogg: "Yeah!! It's cool right?"
Thow Thow: (thinking in his head) "This bitch is crazy!!"
Lawdogg: (thinking in her head) "I am gonna get soooo many guys to eat my pussy on springbreak!!!WOO!! '04 '04!!!"
Insane V, Griz and FJ: (Laughing in the background)
Luda: (Strummin off in the background)
Hulk: "RAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! Skank Bitches!!!"
Luda: (thinking in his head) "I think i am gonna slip Lawdogg the sleepy slipper!!"
by Insane V April 23, 2004
While getting your dick sucked, shove your dick deep in a bitches mouth just before the point of busting, and making your load come out of her nose.
While sucking off Amazon, all Kali could say was auga auga before recieving an Iron Dragon.
by Insane V April 13, 2004
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