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people that hark from the country of Iran.

their men are often very hairy.

they often feel alienated because their country is surrounded by arabs, and their country is being run like an arab country, and when they leave their country, they are often mistaken for arabs. when the fact of the matter is that persians hate arabs probably more than any other race on the face of the planet.
non-persian: "Yo, take off your sweater, man, aren't you hot?"
persian: "i'm not wearing a sweater..."
non-persian: "what a persian you are"
by Ingrid Bertlebee August 22, 2003
adjective used by males to describe a member of the opposite sex that is not hot enough to fuck sober and not ugly enough to ridicule.

Often used as response to the question "I think I'm ugly. What do you think?", so that the male can make the attention-whore happy enough to keep alive his chances of nailing her as a last resort.
I wanted to tell the girl that she was an ugly scag, but I haven't been laid in so long, I told her she was cute.
by Ingrid Bertlebee August 22, 2003
acronym standing for "Diem the bitch", or otherwise a woman with her head up her vagina so far that it comes out of her asshole
"Can you believe that DTB that keeps calling my phone, waiting for the voicemail to pick up, and then hanging up without leaving a message?"
by Ingrid Bertlebee August 20, 2003

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