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2 definitions by Infinate logic

The one thing middle school girls pray for at night.

A great way to make someone feel like they actually have friends.

A phrase which often causes the elderly to become baffled, then irritated, and then baffled again. Frequently accompanied by a facial expression which illustrates confusion.

The downfall of the technological revolution in one term.

The name of a song by the band Evergreen Terrace.
Suzie: "I cant wait any longer to check my myspace page!"

Bystander 1: "Why do you think that girl is running frantically into the library?"

Bystander 2: "I have an idea."

Bystander 1: "Yeah, she must be anxious to check her Myspace for New Friend Requests."
by Infinate logic August 26, 2009
-An occasion in which many attractive women are in one place.

-The way a lonely guy would describe any place that contains more than 3 attractive women.

-Term made famous by Will Ferrell as Steve Boutabi in "A Night at the Roxbury"
Steve: "Whats up, whats up, whats up, whats up..."
Doug: "STEVE!"
Steve: "I'm sorry it's hottie overload in here."
Doug: "Pace yourself."
Steve: "2,3, Whats up.. 2,3 whats up..."
by Infinate logic November 30, 2009