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N: 1: An excess amount of affection towards Barrack Obama shown through large amounts of thought and spoken conversation, also including the exchange of pictures of the same person. 2: A period of time where a majority of all thoughts and feelings are related to how great Barrack Obama is.
Person 1: Hey everyone, check out this hilarious political picture of Obama and McCain!

Person 2: Hah, that's fantastic! I understand Political Satire!

Person 3: OMG OBAMAS SO HOT *proceeds to send links of Barack Obama in swimming outfits on the beach*

Person 1: Uhh.. What?

Person 2: Here comes another Obasm...


"I was watching the news last night and when Barrack Obama gave his speech, I totally had an Obasm..."
#barrack #obama #orgasm #obasm #presidential #love #president
by Infernlmagician November 18, 2009
The act of sex when a female is dangling from the ceiling via four or five ropes ((two for her arms and two for her legs and one extra for her midsection)) and is spread eagle in an X formation.
Loren: How's your relationship going? You still bored?

Arian: Tsh, Naw, man. I was with her last night and she was my Bacon Hammock for the night, brah.

Loren: You did The Bacon Hammock?? Awesome! I've always wanted to try that.

Arian: You should, dude, it's totally relaxing because I can just stand and sway her around while she dangles.
#bacon #hammock #spread #eagle #hanging #dangling #sex #vagina #looks #like
by Infernlmagician October 15, 2009
Important Non Player Character.
For use mainly in various Video Games or Tabletop Games, and all else related.

The goons you fight and kill off are NPCs, while the recurring Quest-Giver or the PCs father would be the INPC
GM: So I created a few characters for the campaign today.

PC1: How important are they?

GM: Just a couple random NPCs as workers for this INPC I created.

PC2: Oh boy, someone who we'll see more than once!
#pc #npc #character #non #playable #player #tabletop #rpg
by Infernlmagician June 01, 2009
Risqué for work. Inbetween Safe For Work SFW and Not Safe For Work NSFW. For all the occasions where it's not exactly inappropriate, but someone might become upset with it.
"There's nothing wrong with this Urban Dictionary Definition, but the example has some swears in it... I think it's RFW."
#sfw #nsfw #safe #for #work #not
by Infernlmagician February 03, 2009
The act of Masturbation committed by any one person whom has not experienced sexual acts first hand, and thus must imagine the pleasure they would receive. Also referred to as a Beethoven Fap, Ludwig Fap, Ludwig Van Fap, etc.
Ground Toucher 1: Man I wish I could get with one of the elites. They're delicious...

Ground Toucher 2: Hah! Good luck, you'll never get one.

Ground Toucher 1: Well, there's always Beethoven Masturbation, right?
#ludwig #van #beethoven #ludwig van beethoven #masturbate #fap #ejaculation #imagination #pretending
by Infernlmagician February 03, 2009
Black anal sex, weather it be Heterosexual, or homosexual.
I was at our schools football game, and I went to use the bathroom, but on the way there I saw some shit on a stick under the bleachers. Irony, eh?
#shit #stick #anal sex #anal #sex
by Infernlmagician February 12, 2007
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