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1 definition by InfamouzBlaze

The best rap group ever to walk this earth.
From their oldest albums, to their recent ones,
they never cease to amaze me.
Most of the members have even have succesful solo albums.
They are unique, unlike these new people
rapping about all the same shit.
They pull you in with their great flows and unbilievable rapping ability.
They can go from calm smoothe songs, to that hardcore thug level.
Their talent is uncomparable.

Albums of Bone Together -

Faces Of Death
Release Date: 1993

Creepin' On Ah Come Up
Release Date: 1994

East 1999 Eternal
Release Date: 1995

Art of War
Release Date: 1997

The Collection, Volume 1
Release Date: 1998

Release Date: 2000

The Collection, Volume 2
Release Date: 2000

Thug World Order
Release Date: 2002

Greatest Hits
Release Date: 2004

Bone Brothers
Release Date: 2005

Strength & Loyalty
Release Date: 2007

All spectacular albums.
These are not even including their solo ones!
Listen to some of Bone Thugs N Harmony songs, you wont regret it.
by InfamouzBlaze August 25, 2007