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A term for any illness or sickness that quickly spreads throughout a work environment. Usually a bronchial infection, it is normally caused by a virus or highly resistant infectious bacteria. Normally Joann Lung is very difficult to recover from, resulting in the loss of work and vital PTO. Joann Lung, also known as "Joann's Plague", "The J Plague", or simply "J Lung" may be anything from the common cold to aids. When exposed, one should always assume that at the very least they have contracted SARS, or XAR Tuberculosis. The original "Joann Lung" was a highly infectious and resistant bronchial infection, which spread through several Utah medical labs, hospitals and local businesses. The original carrier, being a modern day "Typhoid Mary", went by the name of Joann. Hence the term Joann Lung, later shortened to The J Plague by local residents.
Example 1: Office Worker 1: Dude, did you hear Johnny hacking it up earlier? I just know I'm gonna get Joann Lung.
Office Worker 2: Wrod, it's probably the SARS.
OW1: Wrod. We're Fuct.
OW2: No doubt.

by Infamous Lunchbox August 05, 2007
1) Concise in quality
2) The state or quality of being Concise
3) Very concise, having great precision
4) The act of making something Concise
5) Terse or concise in speaking, expressing much in a short amount of words

Archaic: Cutting off, or making apart
Office Worker 1:I do Concision of documents here.
Office Worker 2: Bullshit, Concision isn't even a word.
Office Worker 1: I hate you.
Office worker 2: Succintly stated.
by Infamous Lunchbox April 05, 2008

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