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1 definition by Inderpreet Singh

Sikhs worshiping or religious place. They go their for worship and pray to God for Global peace and prosperity.Gurdwara is a house of the guru, derived from "Gur" for Guru, and "Dwara" meaning house or door. People of all religious backgrounds or of no religious faith are welcomed into a Sikh Gurdwara. However, it is necessary that any visitors remove their shoes and cover their head with a rumâl before entering the Darbar Sahib. Visitors are also forbidden to go into the gurdwara while they are inebriated or possess alcohol, cigarettes or any intoxicating substance.

a mosque - muslims worship place
a church - Christians worship place
Gurudwara is Sikhs worship place.
by Inderpreet Singh May 31, 2008