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A noob so undeniably new and inexperienced at a particular activity or event that it is fo sho inarguable whether that person is a noob or not anymore. By being called a noob fo shoob, it is without a doubt that that person is terrible or lame and everyone else knows it.
Curtis: You are a noob fo shoob.
Jer: I'm so noob I don't even have a comeback.
Matt: Owned.
by Incronaut January 20, 2009
An acronym short for: noob fo shoob, which means a person who is a NFS is definitely a noob without a doubt. By calling someone a NFS, it is no longer arguable whether that person is a noob or not, because he or she is DEFINITELY a noob after being called that.
chris: youre a NFS
matt: whats a NFS
chris: a noob fo shoob
matt: oh shit. FUCK YOU!!!
by Incronaut January 19, 2009
Phrase used after someone unintentionally says something that sounds judgmental or condemnatory.
I can't believe you have Sponge-Bob underpants. No judge.
by Incronaut March 07, 2010
The energy gained from procrastinating on an assignment. It comes from the adrenaline that people have because they know that the assignment is due soon, so they work extra hard through adrenaline to get it done; generally with decent quality.
Dude, I totally had this assignment due tomorrow, but I totally procrastination pumped my way through it
by Incronaut May 30, 2011

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