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1. To possess the ability to seduce women, often many at a time.

2. Being able to service many women in a short time period, but not get caught.

3. Being seemingly patience to the outsider, while girls want to slob on your knob that very moment.
Nerd: How do you sleep with three different girls on the weekend, and still have a girlfriend.

Mr. Slick: The slickness my friend, it's an artform.

Nerd: How do I become slick?

Mr. Slick: You can't, you can only read about it.
by In the know February 17, 2004
A shitty ass form of how to do calculus.
Female Student: How did you intigrate that problem?

Mr. Hersha: Using the hand wave and the various slickness problem solving tatics that I use when I don't know how to do the problem and copy the answer out of the book. You have nice boobs.

Female Student: Oh, you are a pervert. I hope you get fired.

Student 2: Me too.
by In the know March 28, 2004
Of the screwius majorus family

A company with an organizational structure that resembles a 3 year olds drawing, run by people with the same IQ as said 3 year old.
"Hey doesnt Affinity still owe us $3000 ?"
by In The Know March 16, 2005
Large car made by Ford that is used by many police departments. Since Chevy quit making large, rear-wheel drive Impalas, the Crown Vic is the choice of car for many cops.

Unfortunately, it has a nasty habit of exploding when hit from the rear; as often happens when police park by the side of the road. There are several lawsuits against Ford for this car, for this reason.
Daaamn....what was that noise?

Oh, that was some unlucky cop in his Crown Vic being blown up, cause some drunk rear-ended his patrol car.
by In the know February 14, 2005

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