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An online game enjoyed by millions.

There are 3 types of people in the world.. those that play warcraft, those that have never heard of warcraft and those that know someone who plays warcraft.

Those that play: Have online friends from all over the world and often play Warcraft to escape their nagging partners, disgusting room mates and boring friends.

Those that have never heard of warcraft: Usualy spend all their time partying and wasting money on beer

Those that know someone who plays Warcraft: Resent the fact that a game is more appealing than they are and will try ANYTHING to get the player away from the computer because "they need a real life"

There are millions of "warcraft widows" that would like to see their partners stop playing so they can go and sit and watch endless hours of tv, soaps and x-factor with them instead, not realising the irony of this. Think about it... If YOU were more appealing then the game would take 2nd place.

Partners should consider themselves lucky that they know where their Warcraft playing partner is ;)
I don't need to get a life, I play Warcraft, I have lots of lives.

warcraft widow: "oh my husband plays on that silly game for 5 hours a day! Why can't he just come and sit with me to watch Reality tv, soaps and take up knitting!"
by Imzadi Hunter November 02, 2010

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