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3 definitions by Imogen Mann

A Transvestite who could try a little harder to pass.
She's a stringvestite through and through, hairy legs and 8 o'clock shadow.
by Imogen Mann December 13, 2007
(archaic) An English four pence coin. (No longer in use or circulation). Modern usage to descibe the £1 coin, or where applicable, a single Euro.
Lend me a Groat or two till Friday... I'm skint.
by Imogen Mann December 30, 2007
Simply a variation on the classic MILF that is well known. This is referring to a "Sister-In-Law-I'd-L ike-to-Fuck."

Those boots my Sister-in-law was wearing at the reception seriously made her look like a SILILF.
by Imogen Mann December 13, 2007