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A refugee camp for Mexicans escaping the hell holes of shitty Mexico. Located on the most western tip of Texas, El Paso is possibly one of the most unamerican cities to date. Good luck finding a well rounded American such as myself here. The Mexicans here are racist and extremely conservative, but vote for Democrats anyway, because they enjoy free handouts. This so called "city" should be given back to Mexico and is an abomination to Texas and the rest of America. The only good thing here is Chico's Tacos, but you'll get the runs within an hour of eating that hepatitis contaminated crap. Most people here don't even speak English and sound like barking chickens when they speak Spanish. If you ever want to visit Texas, please don't consider El Paso.
El Pasoan: "El Paso is bad ass!!!"

Non El Pasoan: "Yeah, if you're a dumbass Mexican."

El Pasoan: "No mames wey, vete a la verga!!!"

Non El Pasoan: "WTF did you just say? I don't want your damn tacos!"
by Imkewlnessyo January 08, 2010

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