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The ghetto of Southern California. Famous for meth labs, bros and bro hoes raised trucks, and miles of dirt yards, rabid dogs, chain-link fences, and El Caminos on cinder blocks. The further you go down the 101, the worse it gets.
"Dude, I met this bro ho from the Inland Empire the other day. She was such a skank."

"Never go to the Inland Empire. Unless you want to get shot."
by Imalia Hernandez July 23, 2008
Where the Inland Empire tosses all their garbage. Formerly known as the 909. An expanse of ghetto dirt yards inhabited by rabid dogs, bro hoes and meth labs. Might as well be called the 420.
"I'm from the 951."
"What the fuck are you talking about, you peice of trash?"
by Imalia Hernandez July 23, 2008

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