4 definitions by Ima Weiner

The hillbilly, redneck to pronounce the word "Wash".
Ashlee Martin : I gotta worsh out my vagina because I have so much unprotected sex.

Matt Puma : Don't you mean, "wash", you stupid slut?
by Ima Weiner May 20, 2009
Something wierd that makes you ponder why you really exist.
Strange occurances.
Steve: How's it hangin?
Brad: A little to the left...
Steve: ?....awkward....?
by Ima Weiner April 24, 2009
A fucked up gay word that people in Mason Ohio use that means ok what ever.
Brady (the Pimp): Baby i want to fuck you in the ass
Bitch: Oker...
Brady: Man FUck Yo Momma
by Ima Weiner August 09, 2007
The act of giving a bitch a big, hot dick to stick down her throat.

A great deal at Quizno's for only 4 dollars
Brad: I was at Ashley's house lastnight and I gave her a toasty torpedo

Steve: Nice.
by Ima Weiner March 30, 2009

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