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Fucken King Ding A Ling and he fucken knows it. Retired Naan Master, but strike rate in clubland is yet to be equalled by a mere mortal
Jash is such a fucken legend
by Ima Toolbag June 16, 2003
Vehicle driven by a fucking boong, usually a fucked up Valiant Wagon or an XB.
Also used as a derogatory term by white devils for a vehicle that its fit to be driven by a boong.
Check out that fucking boongwagon burnt out on the side of the road.
by Ima Toolbag May 30, 2003
Rooted up the arse
Ow my arse is sore, I must have been risbied.
by Ima Toolbag June 03, 2003
Anyone who participates or aids in the personal importantion of a Japanese Sports Car
Check out that stem basher.
by Ima Toolbag May 30, 2003

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