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Founder of the NFL and the Chicago Bears (Originally Decatur Staleys then Chicago Staleys). Also played 12 games as member of the 1919 New York Yankees.
George Halas led the Bears to six NFL Championships and is nicknamed Papa Bear.
by ImWatchingYouPoop! January 20, 2011
A great abundance of something. Not to be confused with a shit ton or shittion, as those words imply a great abundance.
The New York Yankees have a shit ton of championships while the St. Louis Cardinals only have a ten shit.
by ImWatchingYouPoop! January 20, 2011
1) 11 hours, 11 minutes after midnight, or in the USA, 10. The only time of day when all 4 digits are the same number.
2) Supposedly, the luckiest time of day.
1) I was getting lucky with Steve's {mom} at 11:11.
2) During {biology}, everyone has to mention when it's 11:11, and to make a wish.
by ImWatchingYouPoop! January 20, 2011

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