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A pretty cool country once you get past the pompous douchebags, rednecks, hipsters, gangsters, extremists, and so on. Unfortunately the people of my country are often stereotyped as ignorant, racist, and self-loving. This is true in some cases, but don't worry, we hate them too. Contrary to people's thoughts, we don't attempt to take credit for many of the world's inventions, nor do we believe we are "OMG NUMBAR ONE!!!1!!11!" in every single category. If you aren't a prejudging asshole, you'll actually find America to be a humble, successful nation, though sometimes detached. Even if you still hate us, we do have cool stuff. Like New York City, the Grand Canyon, space shuttles, mountains with past presidents' faces on them, (American) football, and fairly good equal rights. Unfortunately my nation is home to several undesirable things, like bigotry, obesity, irrational suspicion of nearly all brown people (even our own President for God's sake), popular "musicians", idiots, and so on. But again, we are a generally neat country, and we appreciate the rest of the earth as much as you do.
Prejudicial European: Those Americans pay no respects to the people that they have built upon! And all 310,000,000 of them are morbidly obese!

Average citizen of the United States of America: Most of us are actually fit to some extent, fairly educated, and pursue useful careers! Also, we acknowledge the great history of Europe, and their involvement with us over the past 240 years!
by ImHeretoInform May 17, 2012
The lack of belief in a God/Goddess/gods. It does not mean that they accept science as a religion, nor does it mean they hate all others. There are prejudiced, racist, asshole atheists just like there are prejudiced, racist, asshole theists.
Christian #1: Hey, did you hear that Bill is an atheist?
Christian #2: Wow, we should all hate him, because atheism is the equivalent of believing in Satan! And Hitler!
Christian #1: No, man. He just doesn't believe in the Bible, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Atheist #1: Hey, did you hear that Joe is a Christian?
Atheist #2: Wow, we should all hate him, because Christianity is the equivalent of stupidity! And not believing any part of science!
Atheist #1: No, man. He just believes in the Bible, and there is nothing wrong with that.
by ImHeretoInform May 25, 2012
12 year old #1: OMFG, just got a new snapback, swag.

12 year old #2: Ha ha, more like a SWAGback!

Mother: Come on kiddos! It's 8:30, time for bed!

12 year old #1: Come on mom! Just a little longer? I was showing Eric my swag!
by ImHeretoInform May 18, 2012

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