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(Chinese) You Motha Cho Cho Motha ChO ChO , Means you are one dumb ass mother fucker. Word was created by James Salvatierra. This word is commonly used for retarded Asian people who don't do things right, does something stupid, don't wanna give you a dollar, being a bitch, .....ect
Money Example:
You: Can I borrow a dollar ?
Asian Person: No !
You: You Motha Cho Cho screw you (Then Flick Middle Finger)

Dumbass Example:
You: Can You hold my very expensive jacket I need to tie my shoe
Asian:Okay ( Holds Jacket then puts it on the floor )
You: WTF ! Motha Cho Cho your so fucking stupid !
by ImBlackAndSexy156 November 13, 2011
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