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2 definitions by Im a stoner

A bad ass metal band quite a few people are not aware of yet. Originally from Rowlett, Texas. Classified as music you would beat someones ass to. They play shows quite often in Deep Ellum in Dallas, Texas. Band members are Andrew-Vocals, Jason-Rhythm Guitar, Bryan-Lead Guitar, Joey-Bass Guitar, Michael-Drums. Check them out on Myspace.
Did you go to Burying The Trend's show last night? It was BADASS!!
by Im a stoner March 24, 2008
An extremely funny show consisting of a meatball "meetwad", french fries "fryloc", and a milkshake "shake" as characters. Quite possibly the greatest show ever.
Dude lets go watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force!
by Im a stoner March 19, 2008