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1 definition by Im Different

The Most Adventurous Person You Will Ever Meet.
Kind, Funny, Sweet, Beautiful, And Can Brake a Bone With People When She Needs To. She Is Very Out-Spoken And Has An Out Going Personality, You Will Fall In Love With Her Sense Of Humor. Very Athletic, Fit, In Shape, HOT, And Pretty. Will Be Stuck On Your Mind For a Long Period Of Time. You'll Never Find Someone Quite Like Her.
Boy 1: "Who's That Girl?"
Boy 2: "Thats My Girlfriend Briana. She's Beautiful Isn't She?"

Boy 1: "Yeah, She's Hot. How'd You Hook Up With That?"
Boy 2: "Doesn't Matter How, She's Mine. I Love Her And She Loves Me. Get Over It"

Boy 1: "Iqqht Nigga Damn"
Boy 2: "Yeah Thats Right, Be Jealous!"

by Im Different August 12, 2010