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literally meaning ' swing something for me'
used primarily in polite form when one meets a woman.
'bandalli ix xadin' - 'swing my monkey'.
'bandalli il bajda tal lemin fuq widintek tax xellug' - 'swing my right testicle on your left ear.'
'bandalli zobbi ma halq dik il qahba iflagellata bil liba mghajneja ommok dik li xebet tixrob liba minn tal qassis' - 'swing my dick across your mothers mouth, the one who has been crucified with cum on her eyes and whom has drunk so much of the priests cum'
'bandalli il dak il bhima missierek sakemm wiccu jehel fit toqba ta sormi u jerdahieli reda sa ma tigi nadifa'- 'swing that animal father of yours until his face just sticks in my bum hole and he sucks it clean'
by Il-Cuberoll June 10, 2006

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