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A deathcore band turned death metal after their first release, Doom EP, pinned them as a poser deathcore band made for Hot Topic scene kids. The band was hated by "real" death metal fans mostly because of the vocalist's pig squeals. The band continues to receive hate from death metal fans due to the Doom EP, even though the band has released 3 very good technical death metal records since Doom and the band still receives a lot of hate from their former Hot Topic scene kid fans for not playing "br00tal breakdowns" since Doom. Job For A Cowboy is a very good technical death metal band but will sadly never be taken seriously despite their amazing efforts.
JFAC Fan: "Have you heard Job For A Cowboy lately?"
DeathMetalHead: "No way, they're a poser band for scene kids."
JFAC Fan: "Have you heard Genesis? Ruination? Gloom?"
DeathMetalHead: "Well......no......"

JFAC Fan: "Because they got talented."
by Ihavenoideawhoiambut....yeah November 04, 2011

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