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A term contrived by some asshole or group of assholes to mean a sexy or attractive female.

A term I wouldn't ever use to describe a girlfriend, close female companion or a desirable female of whom I'd like to get better acquainted with.
I buy mah shorty diamonds and call her shorty because she is very sexy yet has the brains of a turtle and thinks shorty is a cute adorable term instead of what it really is. Another mindless slang invented by people that live their lives in dance clubs.
by IhateAkon. April 30, 2007
Former singer of the Black Eyed Peas. Atrociously overrated, talentless, full of herself hip-hop star with a proclivity to pee herself on stage while performing. Butt ugly to boot but thought by many to be extremely attractive.

Sadly, also the nickname of a certain British royalty who gets my undying condolences for sharing her nickname with such awful trash.
Typical 18 year old chick: Like OMG girl did you hear Fergie is coming here for a concert?!

Typical 18 year old chick's friend: Like no way sister! Let's pee ourselves, put on 150 pounds of make up and put on trashy urban slutty clothing before we go!
by IhateAkon. April 30, 2007
A white male youth from a middle class or upper middle class upbringing who wants desperately to fit into the urban gangsta lifestyle in his grammar, musical taste, clothing and attitude but who only serves to irritate everyone, including real gangstas.

Any white male age 10-25 basically.

A very annoying white male youth that desperately needs to be dropped off in Compton for a day or two and be taught a lesson.

Any white male that likes Akon.
The 7-11 was not the best choice for a late night snack that night as the parking lot was infested with crunked up yo boys listening to Akon on the car sterios of their Jetta.
by IhateAkon. April 30, 2007
A crappy German import car typically driven by college students, mostly males ages 18-21.

A car bought by college yo boys mommies and daddys for them so they can better fit in.

A cheap yet trendy German piece of crap automobile that is easily customizable driven by college students who usually stick lots of meaningless bumper stickers on the back in a desperate effort to seem cooler than they really are.
Kyle's new Jetta is kickin. He properly fits in with his peers and can now live his life in the flock with all the other sheep.
by IhateAkon. April 30, 2007
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