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a gay little town in which a lot of russian people take over the shit pond during the fourth of july. This town consist of a bunch of meth'd out welfare recipients. Everyone knows everyone in the town. The population is less then 4000 and you are lucky to find it on a map. The high school only houses 40 people and the market is over priced. Almost everyone has gotten a DUI and under aged substance use is a must. Its amazing to know someone that hasn't had a kid before they are 18. The people here are like the ones you see on movies doing sheep,horses,brothers,sisters, cousins, and even having sex for drugs. Please never raise a child here or even in the 209 thank you.
guy 1:Yo man i just went to Groveland and there are sexy mama's everywhere.
guy:2No way really?
guy1: Yeah if you like fat Russians that don't shave and wear speedo's.
by If you graduated in 07 u know August 22, 2008

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