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21 definitions by Idiot-Finder

1) An idiot that tries to troll, only to fail in the process.

2) See: trool
A tridiot got banned for the seventh time this month for posting links to goatse despite receiving warnings to stop.
by Idiot-Finder July 10, 2008
13 2
To become fixiated by Obama.
A friend of mine voted for McCain, but in the inauguaration day he's been hynobamatized.
by Idiot-Finder January 23, 2009
13 3
1) A catcher for the New York Mets who helped the team to reach the postseason in 2006.

2) To score underaged chicks.

1) The Mets have finally beaten the Braves for a Division Title.

2) There are a lot of Paul LoDucas lurking in the street.
by Idiot-Finder April 22, 2007
19 9
A troll being used as a tool by another troll.
TehreTard is a trool of Zen444 as they both have the similiar trolling style.
by Idiot-Finder February 16, 2008
32 24
To sit on the floor with the head lowered and hands clasped between the legs. Though not related to Tebowing by it was inspired by it ever since the pose have been used by the star quarterback of the New England Patriots Tom Brady after losing their second Super Bowl to the New York Giants.
After I ragequit the game, I started Bradying in depression.
by Idiot-Finder February 08, 2012
9 2
A team that would redeem itself after suffering a humiliating defeat beforehand, derived from the nickname of the 2008 U.S. Olympic Basketball team which have recently won a gold medal after finishing embarrassingly at third at Athens four years before.
While it took seven years, the Giants were able to make a redeem team push which results in them winning the Super Bowl to redeem themselves of an embarrassing 2001 defeat.
by Idiot-Finder August 27, 2008
9 2
Occurs when a large group of people gets wasted at a same time.
There's been a mass wasting at the rock concert few weeks ago.
by Idiot-Finder November 12, 2007
12 5