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a chick from England who believes she's the shit and front in everybodies face. She ie similar to an internet gangsta and aol internet gangsta she has make sockpuppets to praise her work on art and fanfiction sites. She is also known as VERY talentless and has taken to stealing other peoples artwork and re-coloring them. Ash-ass also has a tendancy of having "tradgic" stories to tell every week that ranges from family members sick to neighbor dying...This no talented chick is in serious need of mental help and therefore has many internet personalities and different talents!
Sammychan: My grandmother is in the hospital but here's a new picture i draw while in the hospital *picture of an edit*

IceDeath: You didn't draw that its an edit from some anime character ash-ass blanked.

Not-Sammychan: Your just jealous she has better talent that you don't

IceDeath: What? *has no idea what the puppet is talking about*
by IceDeath Shinigami March 13, 2007
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