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A city that some people from there think is hard and ghetto

but in REALITY don't have the crime rate to back that rep

up. A city that's about as ghetto as Mr. Rogers

neighborhood and has a crime rate as high as a midgets ass

off the ground. In essence a bigger version of fairfield

that really wishes that they could be ghetto.
hyphyDummy: Nigga I'm from da slums of Vallejo cuddy!! Crestside cuddy!!!

Real Nigga from out of state: Nigga fuck you and vallejo you fuck nigga!!!

hyphyDummy: Nigga I'll fuck you up cuddy!!! Don't make me get hyphy cuddy!!!

Real Nigga from out of state: (gets in Vallejo boys face) Bring it don't sing it hoe!!!

hyphyDummy: (Vallejo boy gets nervous and stutters)Ughh Ughh you lucky nigga cuz if I hit you you would be fucked up right now cuddy!!! Crestside nigga!!!

Real Nigga from out of state: Hits Vallejo boy in the jaw, pisses on his thizz nation t-shirt and laughs.

hyphyDummy: Runs back to his moms two story 4 bedroom house with nice green lawn with flowers in it, in the Crest crying like a punk bitch.

Real Nigga from out of state: Throws a rock at him, laughs and says Vallejo boys are phony bammas.
by Icangivesafuugh June 21, 2007
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