9 definitions by Ian Taylor

The opposite of the beer scooter. The super-slow method of transport that ensures it seems to take ages to get to the pub when you are anticipating a big night out.

The shandy moped is especially slow when you have already had a few drinks, but not enough to get you properly drunk.
'Wow, this bus is taking ages'
'Seems that way, but I think we're just on the shandy moped'
by Ian Taylor October 15, 2006
Abbreviation for Internet Texas Holdem, a poker strategy book written by Matthew Hilger.

Also for the website, internettexasholdem.com, started by Hilger and now home to a large poker forum and community. Forums are not as high volume as twoplustwo.com, but posts are generally of higher quality and the forum is well moderated.

"I'm re-reading ITH at the moment"

"I'm going to post this hand on ITH"
by Ian Taylor October 31, 2006
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