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Lame form of music preferred by young kids who have no clue about real pain but think that dad not buying them an XBOX Elite is the worst thing that ever happened to them.

Fans always wear white socks (well, metal borrowed leather from gay culture so I guess white socks are fair game as well!), poxy caps with straight, up-turned peaks, big holes in their ears, pierced eyebrows and lips, black dyed hair, the same ugly print hooded jackets, shorts, and have lots of coloured tattoos like sXe idiots. They never know anything about the history of the genres that they claim their music comes from (i.e., metal and punk/hardcore). Next year they will love the next lame trend. Most of them were wiggers a few years ago. Vocalist of band always has the same pose, mic grip, and stupid look on his face as the vocalist of any other metalcore band. Always cup the mike for growly bits.
A7X, The Black Dahlia Murder, As I Lay Dying, another lame band with lots of syllables and/or words in their name are all lame-ass metalcore bands
by Ian Skeletor August 15, 2008

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