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To strike out looking with the bases loaded. Can happen to anyone but more than likely to A-Rod
Beltran blew game 7 of the nlcs on an obvious pitch?
Yes even worse. way to pull an aRod
by Ian Howell October 19, 2006
Something annoying, and completely unnoticable. Will irritate you to the point of insanity. Something ridiculous
Man you heard Louie play his guitar??? Its definatly andrito.

Nick is playing ball today. On the court hes andrito.

He broke your computer screen, what an andrito.
by Ian Howell August 13, 2006
Something extremely gay or smells potently bad

That coat you went to the park with is so Donnie Blaze"
by Ian Howell May 09, 2006
The ultimate form of gluttony with any material. Also, can be used as a description of someone who is the reality version of Homer Simpson.
Matt ate four burgers and then got drunk and fell down the stairs. He pulled a byrnes.

How do you rupture your spleen??? Pulling a Byrnes
by Ian Howell August 13, 2006
Something that is very potent. Almost to the point of superceding potentcy. Not to be confused with donnie blaze which means the opposite
You know Whitney???? Shes so becker.
by Ian Howell August 13, 2006

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