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Sukhpal is said to be a creature that hunts down girls that reject him, after he has hit on them. But he is usually know for his lack of running skills.
It is said that Sukhpal has a cheek that is as big as the Eiffeltower.
#cheek #rejection #girls #running #skills
by iAmRite November 13, 2013
A crappy whiney band with no talent. They tend to repeat a line over and over again if they can't think of another lyric. They threaten to kill themselves over teenage relationships! They aren't guitarists, any beginner can bash a few power chords. No diversity to lyrics, and horrible influence on our youth, soon enough the trendy little emo kids, and also the teenage girls that this music is marketed towards, will begin killing themselves over failed teenage relationships. Overall a damper on music and society.
Emo kid: I learned how to play a Taking Back Sunday song!

Me: Congrats you are officially crappy at guitar!
#tbs #emo #suicide #no-talent ass clowns #whiney #no lyrical diversity
by Iamrite November 22, 2007
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