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This is just your typical bitching Emo...With a little extra bitchyness. Yea well Emo dudes tend to beat up on girls or get beaten up by girls and have a cry blah blah blah. They have there own brand of smileys on the net: xD, -_-, x_x, T_T, xP, =/ and many others i cant be arsed doing.0oh and i don't think they have quite figured out the invention of the "space bar" eg. WhatsASpaceBar. Emo's have some good taste in music though, although most of it just appears to be the same old stuff with the same sort of moral of a shit life or whatever, but with a slightly different tune each time. Emos are a resourceful bunch though, wearing what they find at those "Good Sammy" stores or whatever.
xwhite_darknessx: Heylo
xbleedxmexdryx : Heylo, i just bought a pack of razers to cut myself :/
xwhite_darknessx: LykeOmg me too, i got those
xbleedxmexdryx : -cries-

...What perfect example of an Emo bitch
by IaMsUcHaNeMoBiTcH .. NOT January 05, 2006
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