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someone who is different and doesn't give a f**k and they want to express it to everyone, they like screamo bands, which can now be infused with rap (examples of this on youtube) they also like real hardcore rock, they dress in bright colours to stand out, they want to show a darker side of themselves by colouring their hair with a black base and wearing black band t-shirts of more hardcore rock groups, they are pretty nice people once you get to know them, usually if someone is an emo society has driven them to it.

Emo girl's usually look innocent but threatening, and Emo guys usually look stick thin and depressed.

Most emo's are usually bi or bi-curious.
Society:that person is different lets mock them
Society Agrees
Emo gets s**t off society
Emo then realizes how different they are and decide to try to be normal like society.
It fails.
Emo creates a cool band.
Emo guy meets Emo girl.
Fall in love.
Emo's win, Society FAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!
by IXINIGHTWOLFIXI (An emo 4ever) October 24, 2010

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