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A bullshit thing that tells you what's in and what's out. I dont see how people actually listen and go along to the mainstream. If they to go along with said mainstream, they're probably brainwashed. Most Mainstreamed stuff is shown on MTV
Mainstream Follower: LEiK OHMiG0D. ShE iS LEiK WeARiNG THaT uGLY SHiRT! &+ iTS LEiK, NoT WHaT MTV SAiD iS CoOL.

Smart Person: -Resisting to kill the mainstream follower-
by IT WASNT ME! July 10, 2008
1. Slang for an insult.

2. A group of sticks.

3. British slang for cigarette
1. Girl1: Ohmigod! Did you see that shirt Jade was wearing today? it was so gross!
Girl2: Ohmigod! I know! She's such a fag!

2. Throw the fag in the fire to keep it going.

3. Can you bum my fag?(It is nothing close to what you peoples are thinking. Translation: "Can you light my cigarette?")
by IT WASNT ME! July 10, 2008

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