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One is said to be "having a Milardo" when one who is usually very mild mannered totally flips out at or in front of his co-workers. This tantrum will have every other word being "Fuck" or "Fucking" or "What the Fuck", and while attempting to remain "blameless" wants to put the screws to whomever has got his dander up in such a way. Formerly referred to as having a "Mauriello".
"Holy Shit! I thought it was going to come to fistacuffs when Joe was having a Milardo at Andrew the other day. He totally lost his mind and went completely berzerk!"
by IT Comedy Contributor October 19, 2004
The predecessor to "Having a Milardo" which encompasses all of the same aspects of "Having a Milardo" but is most likely accompanied by crying and throwing all the papers off of one's desk.
"After I redid that action plan for Ms. Daisy for like the hundredth time, I just lost it and had a Mauriello. I threw all the versions of the document all over the floor and began to scream and cry like a little girl."
by IT Comedy Contributor October 19, 2004

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