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1. finished, through, distroyed
2. drunk, high, wasted,
"That car that just exploded...that shit's done"

"Dude, you're done"
by Ira PkP June 27, 2003

a. Sleeping with three different women in the same day or

b. Sleeping with one girl and putting it in all three holes (oral, vaginal, anal) in one session
"John slept with Sally, Rachael, AND Krista today...way to pull The Hat Trick J!"

"Krista let me put it in all three last night...That's the Hat Trick for ya"
by IRA PKP January 30, 2006
When you are having sex, and you pull out just before you cum and tell your partner you'll be finishing in their mouth...at the last second tilt your cock upward and bust one in her eye while screaming FAKE OUT!

The Fake-Out, according to urbandictionary.com apparently has to be used in a sentence.

"I was fucking my girlfriend last night and i totally pulled the fake out...we haven't spoken since."
by IRA PKP January 19, 2006
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