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8 definitions by IPN

The Most Valuable Player. The player with the most skill, who contributes the most to their team. Used mainly in sports and video games.

Unfortunately, this term was hijacked by retards who watch Jersey Shore, who now think it stands for Mike Vinny Paul or some shit.
Me: He was totally MVP during that game

Friend: Mike, Vinny, and Paul?

Me: *facepalm. I don't know why I'm even talking to you
by IPN November 23, 2011
A piece of crystal meth, a psychedelic stimulant, named for the shard-like crystals. Has nothing to do with shitting in your pants while farting, that's shart.
He deals some good shards, want a fix?
by IPN April 17, 2011
1. A British magazine that gives information, release dates, and reviews about video games

2. A person who plays video games on a computer. Prefers PCs to Xbox/Playstation for reasons like stable controls, RTS games, and more control keys.
PC gamers aren't necessarily noobs. They just prefer a highly flexible, stable platform for gaming.
by IPN November 12, 2011
Similar to "Bros before hoes", this is a binding social contract among ghetto black individuals, stating that their fellow niggas will always come before pigs (the police).
Tyrone: Yo Jamal, imma bout to pick up one fine shaw-ty, can I borrow yo car and bring her home?
Jamal: Sorry, dawg. I gotta go see the cops to get ma parole hearing.
Tyrone: Cmon, man, nigs before pigs.
Jamal: Aight, just this once
by IPN November 30, 2011
To receive fellatio while simultaneously defecating
(blowjob+dump+pumpkin=blumpkin). In other words, the best of both worlds.
I got a blumpkin from my girlfriend when I had to take a shit while we were having sex.
by IPN April 17, 2011
A word to describe something that is awesome or cool.
Dude... That skateboarder is so rigid.
by IpN June 02, 2014
An offensive, racist word for a Latino person (i.e. Mexico, Puerto Rico, South America).
It was originally spelled spick, a contraction of "Spanish Mick" (Mick being slang for an Irishman). Since both Irish and Hispanics are Catholic, as opposed to Anglo-American Protestants, people stereotyped Spanish and Irish into a single group based on their faith, hence Spanish Mick, or spick.
Redneck: Damn dirty spics! Thinking they can take MY hard-earned money for welfare!
by IPN November 17, 2011