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1 definition by IOWA ROCKS

BEST State in the entire united states of america!

Most, cocky dumbasses hate on iowa, and say that all there is is corn.. Thats completley wrong! EVERY state has agriculture and just about every state grows corn and has corn fields.
So what if iowa has corn, that dosnt mean thats the only thing to do!

Iowa is the best! Our hot chicks and all of our sports teams..

Iowa will fuck up anyone who tries to talk shit on us! were no pussys, we will fight any mother fucker who tries to hate on us!

Iowa has the best state fair too! The IOWA State Fair is possibly the best state fair in all of the US.

We have everything, Demo Derbys, Mudding, So much shit, youd just have to come here and check it out!
Loser: har har har, you're from iowa, go eat some corn
Iowa Representer: Shut the fuck up *punches loser in the nost and makes him bleed and cry like the little bitch he is*

by IOWA ROCKS April 22, 2006